Our Second year playing for this event.

Here is the un-edited mp3 of the event. 2010_Contact_dc_nor.mp3
A brief description of it.

1. It was from the raw edcast file sent to radio.electro-music.com live.
2. It was trimmed to the show or intended show.
3. DC offset was done.
4. The wave then was about -5db peek. I normalize it to -0.5db.
5. A mp3 at 128 bit stream was then made.

I have better recordings of this event, about 8 other sources. Later when I find the time, I will post a link here as well as place the video of the event.

This is for the members of radio.electro-music.com, any other use will require written permission from Inquisitor Betrayer.
We are members of ASCAP.


Update 3 Jan 2010

Copy of the post in electro-music.com 's forum. Someone asked me, who did what etc.

I am dumping the audio and video now.

I got 44.1KHz 16 bit edcast files (direct to radio.electro-music)(see below on what was used and where), I got a 48KHz 24 bit from the DAT (4 tracks, 2 internal mikes at 90 degrees and 2 sm58's 6 foot high at left and right). Two cameras in stereo. I would say plenty of waves there to re-mix and pull something out. ;-)

One camera dumped now, it's in mts h.264 at widescreen, the other is waiting as I started the conversion to mp3 on it already too. I did dump the waves now.
The other camera will be in the same format. I think all 4 waves (left and right) will be at 48KHz at 24 bit too.

So the stuff line up :

DSI Poly Evolver, DSI Special Edition Prophet '08, KORG Extreme (88 key version), KORG MS2000, Alesis ION and Roland JP8000. Pedals and such on some. (using some custom patches there here and there on everything)
Les Paul with gr-3 and it's Roland GR-20.
Cymbals (Sabian pros)
FM8, MMV and Line 6 Gearbox/DI


Yamaha S-80, roto toms, floor tom, cow bell and congas.

Doug Moon

Les Paul and Fender amp. simple and sweet

I used a KSM-27 Shure mike to send to radio.electro-music (placed center). A pair of QSC HPR-153i supplied the main sound out. I am sure the BX8a's found a bit of the way into the mix too as I had them on near me too. Lorraine had her own sm58 beta, her congas and roto toms a sm58 too. No shortage of mikes here.

The win2k system feed the edcast to radio.electro-music. The winxp box did the FM8, MMV and Gear Box. Signal flow was pretty much, synths to sub mixer (Rolls RM203)(I re-routed all of them for this event to one of the two I had to make it easier for me to deal with), that and other mikes feed into the 20 channel Behringer Euro-Rack). The out of all of that into the win2k system via a motu 24i. The Personus Firebox did the sound out from the XP box. All rates at max for clean sound.

I am thinking I should be able to pull off a 5.1 mix out of this too. I will repost a link here off one of my web sites as I am sure it's going to be large on file size. I caught some limits on file sizes on the other posts already.

If the other guests had arrived or shown up at least, I could have hit some of the other table top synths here and reaktor. As it was, I was traveling sometimes between the two three tier stands. As some will point out, it was more then enough already Dale ... ;-)

I did want another synth (Oasis), guitar, bass and pedal steel in. Oh well ...


update here is the link to get the mp3
Lorraine has pneumonia among other things going on too so her voice, which is normaly soft anyway, is a bit more so.