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These pages are devoted to what inspires us to make music. Not all inclusive. Just some items that tickle our muses.  
The list is in no order. None implied. Just what we are working on at this time or is available to work with. Visit often as we add items.  

Tangerine Dream
All former members, current members and future members, the elements each brought to the band, the common themes and mystery. The link here will take you to a page of other links related to them. Do email me if you have a TD page that you want listed here.


Alan Parsons nada needs to be said here ...


YES and these members especially
Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman.


Dream Watchers
Dream watchers are a group of musicians who compose their music in relation and inspiration to Tangerine Dream. The aim is to produce periodically compilation albums of collected tracks. Some of our tracks and solos adventures can be found here.



Portals IV (info here
list one of Inquisitor Betrayer's new tracks. A snip off the post Portals IV is a GO! Progressive Music Society member and Portals artist, Chris Christou has picked up the Portals torch and is busy getting a double CD together from some of the newcomers to Progressive Music Society! Also found is one of Lorraine Kay's tracks.



Virtual Tour Inside View
while there see Karma ALSO Videos here of Stephen Kay performing with OASYS while demostrating it in NYC. Very informative.

Alesis Fusion (Do check out the real audio link near the bottom of the page. I was there for that video. That is Erik Norlander demostrating it, great guy)  

Bob Moog
Quote from the Bob Moog tribute web site "The passing of Bob Moog has been deeply felt by the entire music community.  This is especially true for electronic musicians whose work he so directly influenced with his creations. " A track from us can be found there.

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